Keeping time around the world

In a period of my adult, professional, life, I spent many days (and nights) on planes flying around the world. For many of those years, I kept track of time with a Rolex GMT-Master II watch that kept track of two or three time zones at once. The secondary, 24-hour...

Regional basketball tournaments games are scheduled tonight

High school basketball season is winding down with regional tournaments starting Monday but volleyball and football ae scheduled to start later this month

Washington can be a real snow job

Snow was more of a way of life in Washington than it has been here in Floyd County since returning in 2004

In diverse America, whites don’t deserve majority status

This nation was founded as a welcome home to those with diverse beliefs, different background and varying personalities. The whites have been majority too long, and they have blown it.

Sunday snow: A good time to snuggle together in bed

Depending on where you are, there's 4-7 inches of snow on the ground as the storm appears to have moved East and leaves only a chance of some mild snow or freezing rain. This leaves most Floyd Countians snug at home on a Sunday morning with little need or desire to...