Grin and Bear it

Meet Bear, the motorcycle riding cat.

Bear is from Roanoke and he and his staff rode into Floyd Sunday for a visit.

That’s right, we said staff. Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

Motorcycle riders sometimes bring their pets along for the ride. Most of the time the four legged creatures are dogs. Dogs, as we know, love to ride vehicles with their heads in the wind.

Cats, on the other hand, seem more finicky and know that sticking your head into the wind at speed is a good way to get bugs in your teeth and God-knows-what in your eyes.  Dogs — as we know — aren’t always that smart. That’s why they have owners.

Cats — on the other hand — insist on being safe. Bear wears a helmet and goggles. He insists on riding safe and demands the same of his staff.

And he’s smart enough to insist on a visit to Floyd on a nice Sunday afternoon.

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One Response

  1. How COOL!! Although I wish we could’ve gotten a sound bite or comment from Bear!!

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