Bikinis and the art of motorcycle cleaning

Yeah, you’re right: The idea of taking your motorcycle to a “bikini bike wash” for a cleaning is probably sexist but even dirty old men who ride deserve a little a little fun now and my Super Glide needed some tender loving care so I headed Southeast Saturday towards Danville and Thunder Road Harley-Davidson for some fun and eye candy.

With unseasonably cool weather, the young ladies wore a bit more than bikinis but still looked good.

After waiting for six members of the Scorpions Motorcycle Club (Danville and Detroit chapters) and a visitor from North Carolina to clear the line, four sweet young things — along with one old fart who, thankfully, did not wear a bikini — set about giving the Glide its first real bath in weeks.

The ladies — part of the motor-clothes sales team at Thunder Road — did a great job on the Harley and had her looking clean and shiny while I munched on free hot dogs and soft drinks from the less-attractive — but friendly and attentive — male members of the dealership staff. They had me back on the road with plenty of daylight to spare and time to explore Southside Virginia before heading back home.

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