Avoiding Black Friday

Many retailers — hoping to make the most of “Black Friday,” the busy shopping day that follows Thanksgiving — open at midnight Thursday.

Best Buy in Roanoke and Christiansburg will offer $900 laptop computers for $199 and large flat-screen TVs for under $200 as “door busters,” which translate into limited quantities for those who line up early Thursday and rush headlong into the stores at the stroke of midnight.

Hope it’s worth it. We won’t be part of the mob scene.  If we shop at all this weekend, we will wait for “Small Business Saturday” and buy local — in and around Floyd — for modest gifts for family and close friends.

We have a good laptop and enough TVs.

The madness that is the Christmas shopping season means too many people will spend money they don’t have for things they don’t need for reasons that defy explanation.

That’s not what the spirit of Christmas should be.

Unfortunately, it is what it has become


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3 Responses

  1. I totally agree Doug, local is the way to go. I have tried very hard to reform my former big box store buying ways over the last few years and have found that not only have I bought a more quality product but also have made some very good friends along the way. If you love Floyd buy from the people of Floyd and we will all have a stronger community.

  2. I volunteered to go to Tractor Supply in Christiansburg to purchase replacement traps for the ones that belonged to the Humane Society but went “missing” from the site where we were trying to trap some feral cats. The one day sale price is too good for us to pass up on this much needed item.

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