Pistol Packing Mama goes to church

The summer music season opened at Zion Lutheran Church’s Oak Grove Pavillion Saturday night with the music of Bernie Coveney (above), Chris Luster, Mike Mitchell, Abe Gorski and Martin Scudder.

They played many new and old favorites, including a rousing rendition of Pistol Packing Mama (click the play button on the video to see and hear). I’m working on other videos from the evening and will post them when completed.

(Macromedia Flash Player required to view video)


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3 Responses

  1. What you might not know is that Bernie and Chris and Mike had already been playing since about noon and appeared to be loving every minute of it! They played earlier that day for my daughter’s wedding at County Line Church and the reception at the Floyd Country Store. Everyone thought they did a perfect job and then they go and do a bang-up performance at the Pavilion with maybe a half-hour to get there and set up. That’s like three gigs in one afternoon! Woohoo!

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