A lawyer from Roanoke recently called Blue Ridge Muse an "inflammatory" web site. What do you think?

* Inflammatory? Absolutely. * Inflammatory? Nah. * Not inflammatory. Just colorful. * Actually, the writing here is kinda dull. * None of the above.


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4 Responses

  1. I voted for none of the above. I would like to suggest a few more options.



    Or, one of those old fashioned political speech words we are missing.


    Keep doing what you do Doug. Take ibuprofen when needed.

  2. Doug, this idjit needs to get a real job which would be acceptable for his level of incompetence, maybe ditch-digging. He would not be required to know and be able to use the language of the land, merely need to make his mark “X”.

    Blue Ridge Muse is so far from my personal definition of inflammatory that I wonder if the person in question has ever really read it; or just noted the comments that readers like myself add to your observations. Keep it up, you’re doing a helluva job!!

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