Floyd Town Jubilee Video

This video went up on The Floyd Press web site right after Floyd’s Town Jubilee last month but that version wasn’t available in High Definition (HD). Here’s an updated version. If he video doesn’t play smoothly, try turning off HD by moving your cursor over the video frame and clicking on “HD is on” on the right side.


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3 Responses

  1. At my office, both HD and non-HD on Vimeo plays smoothly (10 meg connection). At home (6 meg connection), non HD plays smoothly while HD has some starts and stops. The players are Flash dependent and it helps to have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed as a plug-in.

    I’ve found that videos naturally play better on a Mac with Safari than on a PC with either Internet Explorer or Firefox.

  2. Doug,

    Unfortunately, I can barely meet T-1 speeds – my DSL is all copper and almost 20K feet from the central office. I’m doggone lucky I have as fast a connection as I do! Allegedly, AT&T is going to install a new piece of equipment about 5K feet from my house sometime in October and I should then be able to upgrade to 3Meg or 6Meg service. 10Meg service is unavailable. I’m not sure you know how fortunate you are to have the speeds you have in such a rural location – that is just one of many reasons I bought property in Floyd!! I’m on a Mac with Firefox – I have had mixed results with Safari.

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