Live from Floyd

CNN invited me to join in a live discussion Monday on the war of words between President Barack Obama and Fox News.

In the old days, when I did gigs like this in Washington, I would drive down to the studios of CNN, MSNBC or other news outlets.

No more. Now it’s simply a case of opening up my Mac Pro laptop, logging into IChat and hooking up with CNN’s studio in Atlanta to join in the discussion.


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10 Responses

  1. Before you go reaching to suggest Barack Obama’s Whitehouse is somehow like Dick Nixon’s Whitehouse maybe you could simply find one instance where a national television network refused to air a Presidential Address to a joint session of Congress?

    Let us be clear; under owner Rupert Murdock and president Roger Ailes, Fox News is the media arm of the Republican Party. Republicans don’t support health care reform so Fox News didn’t show what they knew would be a devastatingly powerful case for reform. We’ll see who has the real bully pulpit.

  2. Everything the blogger David said was absolutely right.

    You were flat out wrong for saying Obama’s White House is “Nixonian” for telling the truth about Fox News being a right wing propaganda network (which is exactly what they are.)

    Comparing MSNBC to Fox News is also ridiculous. False equivalency 101. MSNBC does have liberal opinion shows on in the evening but they also have straight news during the day, Fox News never has straight news and their programming is basically whatever the Republican party tells them it should be. This is unlike MSNBC where they spend a lot of time calling out the President when he’s wrong.

    Watch the documentary Outraged to understand what Fox News is all about.

    BTW: George W. Bush already froze out MSNBC when he was President. So apparently he went on the Joe S. show once. Does Fox News have a comparable liberal show on their channel? No.

  3. As the only voice of sanity in this discussion, your responses were outstanding. Thanks for sharing this, Doug….great job!

  4. Doug you looked and spoke like the only adult in the room. Thanks for sharing that with those of us who missed it.

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