A doe watches warily in the morning fog. With firearms season in full swing in Floyd and nearby counties through Dec. 12, deer of both sexes are falling prey to hunters.

But you still see as many deer dead alongside roads. I counted four along U.S. 221 between Floyd and Copper Hill the other day and two became victims of collisions with vehicles between Harvestwood and Poor Farm roads.

Let’s be careful out there.


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3 Responses

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Jason.  When I first moved to Floyd about 30 years ago, you hardly saw a deer, and I was adamently against hunting them. Local folks tell me before that, you actually had to hunt for deer. Now it’s just about harvesting the ones standing right in front of you.

    The deer are becoming an ecological disaster for Floyd as well as it’s environs.  We’ve lost a whole generation of forest due to deer browse and horning. It’s almost impossible to raise a garden without building a deer fence. Clearly, something needs to be done to restore the ecological balance…

  2. Here are some eye popping statistics regarding deer reproduction.  First, let me say that this information was provided to me in 2003 by an employee of VA Game and Inland Fisheries.  For does on their 2nd and up fawn (that is their second and up breeding season) 94% of all does are twinning.  Another 3% are tripleting.  This means that 97% of all does in their second or up breeding season are having at least twins.  That is not linear growth, but exponential growth and goes a long way in explaining why we have such a mess with the deer population.  They are worse than groundhogs anymore.  I finally broke down 3 years ago and put up a 7 ft electric fence around my garden.  Haven’t had the first deer problem since, but it is a pain to have to work around throughout the summer.  Why on earth VGIF doesn’t change the hunting laws and require hunters to take at least one doe before they can take the first buck is  beyond me.  Personlly, I hunt for the food and refuse to shoot bucks – they are too gamey to me.  In last year’s hunting guide for Virginia, an article was written claiming that for every buck taken in 10 years it eliminates 30 deer.  For every doe taken, in 10 years it eliminates 200 dear.  Seems pretty logical to me why the hunting rules need to be changed.  On another matter, this employee worked in the black bear program for VGIF.  In 2003 he told me that in 10 years (2013) we in Floyd County would see black bear as frequently as we have been seeing deer.  The reason?  VGIF have been aggressively releasing black bear in the county for several years to bring the population up to a level that can sustain hunting them.  I was rather irate, asking why it had to be Floyd County?!?!  The answer?  Because we were/are sparsely populated relative to Montgomery Co, Pulaski Co, Roanoke Co and that hunters were really squawking about wanting bear season in the area.  I guess these are educated bears and have been taught to know where the county lines are and won’t cross them, heading down to Roanoke to easy pickings – or over to the Cburg, Bburg complex.  We already have one of the devils in the rear of our property and it causes great distress when heading back there, especially in the spring when their may be cubs around the sows.

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