Doomsdayers say the big snow is finally coming

Is this what Floyd County will look like on Wednesday or Thursday?
Is this what Floyd County will look like on Wednesday or Thursday? Photo of Sandy Flats Road in Floyd County in 2009.

According to those who make a living — or at least an enjoyable pasttime — predicting doom and gloom, the area may get 6-12 inches of snow or more on Wednesday going into Thursday if — and there always is an “if” — current trends hold together and nothing chances over the next 12-27 hours.

Those who say this is coming claim “computer models are coming together in agreement” that a major storm is destined to finally strike after a winter of near-misses.

Roanoke Times weather guru Kevin Myatt says six inches or more is likely with a possibility of 12 inches or more in some area.

From our perspective, six inches is no big deal but 12 inches starts to get serious.

A snowfall of a foot or more could wreak havoc on a school system already out of snow days and residents who have fought cold and more in a strange winter.

Will it happen?  Time will tell.

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