Yes, it will snow but how much is still up in the air

The last "big one" in 2010.
The “big one” in 2010.

The latest winter storm predicted to hit the area is expected to start around noon Wednesday and could bring six inches, 10 inches, a foot or more of the white stuff before moving exiting, stage northeast Thursday afternoon.

Forecasters are recalling the last “big one” in 2009-10 as they look for comparisons.

The actual amounts vary from forecast to forecast and in computer models.  Ice and sleet are expected to the East and about the only thing that most can agree on is that snow will fall, it could be heavy at times and just how much is subject to a lot of variables and factors.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency for parts of the Old Dominion, Floyd County Schools plan an short day and early release Wednesday and the Virginia Department of Transportation is issuing its usual “don’t go out unless you have to” warnings for Wednesday afternoon, evening and early Thursday.

At the high school, a boys basketball game against Radford was moved from Wednesday night to Tuesday evening and Facebook is abuzz with chatter about the upcoming “winter event.”


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