The recovery begins…

021414snow1The last of the “big one” of 2014 moved out of the area shortly before dark Thursday and left behind snow of more than 20 inches, snowdrifts ranging up to five and six feet and a region paralyzed by a massive winter storm that closed schools, banks, offices and retail establishments.

Floyd County schools remain closed on Friday and many businesses and government offices that closed Thursday may or may not open on Friday.

Temperatures are expected in the lower 40s Friday with a chance of rain but freezing temperatures and a high of only 35 of Saturday could slow recovery for the region.



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3 Responses

  1. The sun is glorious…not to mention Pine St. Has been plowed…here comes the drip, drip, drip…and I bought a V-day card before the storm so I’ll be tolerated for at least another week…

  2. Hey – no snow here in Torremolinos, Spain. Just sand and sun and pretty little boats on the sea. Could someone please clear our driveway by Tuesday when we have to drag ourselves home?
    Linda & Billy Motley (please don’t hate us)

  3. Dear Linda and Billy…a few of us got together and had TRUCK LOADS OF SNOW dumped on your driveway because…sun and sand? Vacation in Spain? We do hate you.

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