Weather woes close schools

011614snowSnow on the ground, accented by temperatures in the teens and more than 500 Appalachian Power Customers still without power, Floyd County again felt the sting of winter overnight Wednesday and early Thursday.

With strong winds easing only a little, the area faced a high wind and freezing wind chill advisory in effect until noon and even the small amount of snow that fell left secondary roads, bridges and overpasses slick and hazardous.

For the school system, the closings add another day to a list of snow days that are exhausted, which means either staying open this Spring on days the system planned to be closed or extending the school year.

Temperatures ¬†are predicted to hit about 35 day and, with the winds dying down this afternoon and the thermometer expected to climb back into 50s Friday and 60s on Saturday but the another cold snap and a chance of snow returned on Monday, St. Patrick’s Day.

AEP admits more than 500 residents in Floyd County remained without power overnights, mostly in the Check and Copper Hill areas and some 5,000 customers in the electric utility’s Virginia coverage area remain in the dark Friday morning.

Winter just won’t give up.

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