Down by the old Mabry Mill stream

Mabry Mill, sporting new water buckets and more
Mabry Mill, sporting new water buckets and more

Looks like repairs to the water wheel for Mabry Mill did not require removing the iconic item from the structure and shipping it off to North Carolina after all.

Instead, the wheel, sporting new parts, remains in place as work continues on one of the Blue Ridge Parkway’s most popular tourists spots as both the restaurant and visitor area prepare for seasonal openings at the beginning in May.

New water buckets, updates to the support structure and other items are visible on wheel at the Mill and work continues not only on the wheel but on other buildings and structures that are part of the attraction.

The restaurant, under a new vendor with a 10-year contract, is sporting fresh paint and other improvements.


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2 Responses

  1. I noticed all the yellow police line tape around the mill and figured there had been a murder or something similar. I guess I’m glad it is repairs. If they leave the yellow tape up they could cut down on visitors and the cost of upkeep… But, I suspect the yellow tape will eventually be taken down.

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