Halloween is not just for kids


103114halloween2Halloween is just for kids?

Don’t bet on it.

More than a few in costume at The Friday Night Jamboree in Floyd were more than a few years past childhood — at least in terms of years if not mental state.

There were witches, vikings, princesses, hillbillies, cowboys and even a young man in a bathrobe.

They danced and had a good time.

And, why not?

After all, it was Halloween.

Some years ago, while still in my 30s, I attended an annual Halloween Party in various costumes — including Rasputin, the “Mad Monk;” the wolfman and other characters that matched my then long black hair and a beard without gray.

Times have changed.  Normally, I now go out on all Hollow’s Eve disguised as a normal person.

And that is a costumer that few accept.




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