State, county investigate Joe’s Garage fire

Damage from the fire that destroyed Joe's Garage and several cars in the 12-bay shop.
Damage from the fire that destroyed Joe’s Garage and several cars in the 12-bay shop.

Investigators from the Virginia State Police have joined the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department to determine the cause of a massive fire that destroyed Joe’s Garage and related businesses of Joey Kaylor Thursday.

The blaze gutted the 12-bay garage, sent the ceiling crashing down from the back, closed down U.S. 221 for a while and threatened adjoining properties as first responders from Floyd and Montgomery counties fought to bring the conflagration under control.

No injuries were reported from the inferno that sent thick black smoke into the sky and created a rare traffic jam just north of Floyd.

The fire also destroyed a number of vehicles inside the facility and the apartment where business operator Kaylor lived with his wife and child.  Jon Beagle also lost part of his BBQ operation.

Kaylor ran the garage, Sagebrush Management and Rube Mountain Farm — a hog operation — from the site.

News of the fire started discussions on Facebook Thursday night and several residents urged support to provide aid to Kaylor and his family.  Some are setting up accounts to help.

Kaylor told WDBJ TV the fire started in the cab of an 18-wheeler he was working on Thursday afternoon and quickly spread.  He told The Roanoke Times he was trying to charge the battery in the truck when he heard a “pop” and sparks started the fire.  The flames spread and, fueled by 200-300 news tires in the shop, was soon out of control.

Floyd County chief investigator Jeff Dalton and another deputy stood watch over the site Friday afternoon and waited for Virginia State Police investigators who were traveling from Northern Virginia to start the probe.

Floyd Countians have come by with offers of help, including a solar powered generator to provide assistance to the fence to protect the hogs he kept on the property.

Kaylor says he appreciates the help but said others in the county need more help and urged residents to contribute to the Red Cross or Feeding America.

Still, residents are rallying on Facebook to get assistance to Kaylor, his wife and child.  Kaylor told Orlando Salinas of WDBJ says he was still wearing the clothes that were burned.

“You couldn’t ask for a worse situation,” he told Salinas.

Kaylor is a colorful figure who declares himself “the hateful mechanic.”  On his web site, he says:

With three generations of gear heads before him and a sense of humor that’s anything but g-rated, Joey Kaylor, owner and lead technician of Joe’s Garage, Inc., was born to be The Hateful Mechanic.

He managed the auto service department at Autoville before opening Protocol Automotive and moved just outside of Floyd on U.S. 221 in 2009. In 2012, he changed the name of the business to “Joe’s Garage.”  He added the property management firm and the hog farm.

Recently, property and building owner Earl Frith issued an eviction order to Kayor, who consulted with Floyd attorney Jonathan Rogers about the matter.

(Edited after original publication.  Blue Ridge Muse urges contributions to help a father, mother and child left homeless by this fire.  You can contribute online at YouCaring or you can contact Floyd County Cares, 100 E. Main St. Ste 108, Floyd, Virginia 24091 )


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4 Responses

  1. Wow! Joey sure moves fast in business! I quote from the story above “He told The Roanoke Times he was trying to charge the battery in the truck when he heard a “pop” and sparks started the fire. The flames spread and, fueled by 200-300 news tires in the shop, was soon out of control.”

    I just talked with him about a week ago about some tires for my car. He told me he didn’t carry new tires and told me to order the tires I wanted from, have them delivered to his shop, and he would install them for me.

    Suddenly he has 200-300 new tires in his shop? Amazing, isn’t it?

  2. Maybe you should let Jeff dalton know that. It also stated he was relocating cars. They say oh he couldn’t do this he’s a life member of the fire dept. yeah and all cops are honest and good … There aren’t any bad cops. Really??? There’s a lot not being told, just saying

  3. Witness’ state he was moving immobile cars into the building with a skidsteer..and all doors were locked when firedept got there and were unable to maneuver thru the building because of all the stuff inside..road tractor batteries are on the outside of vehicles and battery acid can melt stuff but I’ve never heard of them causing a fire after exploding.

  4. Wow. This man lost his home and just about everything he owned in this world and you petty people can’t help but stir up controversy. Hopefully karma repays you.

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