Hey, it's still slick out there

Some roads may look clear but many Floyd County routes remain treacherous, ice-covered and slick.

Local blogger David St. Lawrence discovered that Thursday morning when his Subaru hit a stretch of ice, went airborne, took out a stretch of fence and ended up stuck in a field.

Fortunately, David wasn’t hurt but his accident points out what can happen when drivers don’t approach the county’s roads with caution and common sense.

I’ve watched too many drivers following too close or driving too fast for conditions during this winter of extremes. Slick roads can — and will — jump up and bite you in the ass when you let down your guard.

Floyd County Schools stayed closed today — the sixth straight day for cancellation of classes — primarily because many secondary roads remain too treacherous. The school has run out of banked snow days and students now look at losing Spring Break days and face the possibility of Saturday classes or a term that will extend into the summer.

Be careful out there.

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