Party endorsements didn’t mean much



Endorsements by political parties didn’t mean a lot in some of the local races in Floyd County on Tuesday.

Getting the nod from the GOP leadership did not result in a win for Eddie Worth in the Little River Supervisor’s tight race that was decided by just eight votes on the write-in campaign by retiring Supervisor Virgel Allen’s effort to capture the Little River School Board spot.  Although school board candidates do not run as Republicans or Democrats, the party of the elephant endorsed Allen and Rebecca Howell, who lost badly to Laura Harman LeRoy in Burks Fork.

The Democrats had one — yes, just one — member of their party in the race:  Restaurant owner and legal moonshine distiller Kerry Underwood, running for Supervisor in Burks Fork.  Underwood finished last in a three-way race won by incumbent Republican Joe Turman.  Independent candidate Michael Schumann finished a close second.

Independent candidate Linda DeVito Kuchenbuch won the Little River District Supervisor seat by the narrowest margin of the night.

Voters, it appeared, cared more about the individuals than on party labels.

I have a sticker on one of my motorcycle helmets.  It reads:

I’m not a Republican.

I’m not a Democrat.

I’m an American.

There’s a difference.



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