The promise of warmer weather

Hopefully, we don't have too much longer to see this

March is coming in, as they say, like a lamb with the promise of temperatures in the 40s day and 50s by the weekend.

A new winter storm forming in the Gulf should miss us, the National Weather Service says, and we could be looking at a warming trend over the coming weeks.

After this winter of extremes, any increase in temperatures and sunlight — no matter how small — is welcome news.

Maybe — just maybe — the mountains of snow will melt away and earth will reappear from the sea of white that has dominated our landscape since Dec. 18 will recede.

Maybe — just maybe — we can soon look back at the Great Winter of 2009-10 and laugh about it.

Colder weather will hit us Tuesday and Wednesday, along with a little snow but then the trend is more sun, more warmer days and — perhaps — even Spring fever.

Let’s hope the forecasters are right. We need it.

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4 Responses

    1. March 1st was a decent day, especially when compared to the extreme weather of this winter. March 2 was another story but the beginning of the month was mild.

      1. I know…but I’m allowing March 2 as early enough to count as “coming in”. Just hoping for the best.

        1. The general rule on March coming in is what the weather is when the month starts. We don’t rewrite the rules here, we just report them. 🙂

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