Photo op brings Boucher to Floyd

Woody Crenshaw gives Rep. Boucher a tour of changes in Floyd
Boucher meets with Swede McBroom of Natural Woodworking Company.

Rep. Rick Boucher took a day out of the two-week Easter Congressional recess to hit Floyd for the dedication of the Station on South Locust and new Community Market Wednesday — a classic photo opportunity for a Democratic Congressman who voted against the controversial health care bill that passed in Washington last week.

Boucher, reamed on Democratic bulleting boards and blogs as a traitor to the cause because of the vote, found himself among friends in Floyd as most who talked to him about the health care bill thanked him for his vote against the bill.

But the Congressman came to Floyd not to discuss the bill but to praise Floyd for its downtown rehabilitation efforts and other programs like the Community Market and the SustainFloyd organization that will run the market operation on South Locust Street across the street from the Country Store.

Developer Woody Crenshaw led Boucher on a guided tour of the Station (located in the remodeled building that once housed Mama Lazzardo’s restaurant). The complex includes galleries, a music show, a woodworking company showroom, the current location of the County Health Department and apartments on the upper levels. The adjacent community market will feature a weekend farmers’ market and other activities.

After he dedication ceremony, Boucher met with members of the SustainFloyd board of directors before heading for Martinsville for another photo op.

Todd Christensen speaks at dedication
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3 Responses

  1. The feedback to Rick was a select sample because those of us who were disgusted with his vote on health care had little interest in attending his photo op.

  2. I have to admire his judgment; did his vote make a difference in the outcome?
    Nope, Reform passed; though the administrative details of Health Care Reform remain to be worked out- especially for small businesses.

    Rick faces a well funded challenger out of Salem; and for him to be an effective representative for us requires a reality check on this district which extends across many demographics and interests.

    The next critical national topic will be Banking Reform, job stimulus is dependent on small business regaining access to operating capital. I’ll feel better when my clients have money to spend again. And I have confidence that Boucher is the best voice to represent our point of view.

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