Spring day road trip

Falling Springs Falls
A rest stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Give me a gorgeous Spring day, a full gas tank on my Harley Super-Glide and an open road and I just go where the whim takes me.

After breakfast with friends at the North Star restaurant south of Buchanan, I headed up U.S. 11 then up Virginia 43 to the Blue Ridge Parkway and looped back to U.S. 460.

But the day was young and the sun inviting, so I headed over to U.S. 220 at Troutville and pointed the bike towards Covington and Clifton Forge.

Stopped at Falling Springs Fall to take in the sight of the 100-foot drop before climbing back on and continuing on through the George Washington National Forest, Hot Springs, Warm Springs and then up 220 to Monterey, just short of where 220 heads into West Virginia.

Gassed up again and headed East on U.S. 250 towards Staunton. The highway winds through the mountains with lots of twisties, switchbacks and hairpins — loads of fun on a motorcycle.

At Staunton, headed South on U.S. 11 towards Lexington for a late lunch at the Pink Cadillac Diner fives miles north of Natural Bridge. With a bowl of chili under my belt headed back to Roanoke on 11 and then up U.S. 221 and home.

Great day, great weather. Ah, Spring.

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  1. Have you ever been to the Jefferson Springs? They’re wonderful. The men’s lodge is something like 200 years old. Never been in there, haha. May not be a good idea when your biking, though, as they relax you so much. Like a wet noodle.

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