Buyer’s remorse over Trump

President Donald Trump: ‘What, me worry?’

Many of those who actually voted for real estate tycoon-reality show TV host Donald J. Trump for President last November now have “buyer’s remorse” over their decision.

Most new Presidents use a “first 100 days” to define their Presidency.  Halfway through Trump’s first 100 defines a manic President out of control in a White House where the staff still has trouble finding light switches and the doors that lead into and out of rooms.

Watching this debacle after spending 23 years in Washington and dealing with four Presidents ranging from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush, I join with many others who shake their heads and wring their hands over the incredible mess in our nation’s capital.

As a newspaperman, I don’t support any candidate for any elected office. During my sabbatical to the dark side of Congress for a dozen years, I worked for three Republican Congressmen in positions ranging from press secretary to chief of staff and a while as a staff member of the House Committee on Science and Technology — and then division Vice President for Political Programs for the National Association of Realtors.

I participated in briefings in the White House Oval Office with three Presidents — Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton — and sometimes had a seat on Air Force One on “official” business.

I saw our national elected and appointed government up close.  It was addictive, sometimes exciting and often frustrating.  It was nothing like the spectacle that we see in Washington nowadays,

Many of those I worked with and around in those years in Washington, felt radical change was needed.

However, the “change” we see in Washington now is a classic display of “be careful of what you wish for.”

We have a President who, on average, lies outright many times each week in speeches, comments to the media (which he despises) and most often on his Tsunami of “tweets” on Twitter.

Instead of any ”accomplishments” of a “first 100 days,” we have roundups of his “first 100 lies.

His questionable ties to Russia raise serious questions about illegal contacts, lies about who met with whom and what was or was not discussed.  He ignores the Constitution, abuses human rights, uses taxpayer funds to support the lavish lifestyle of himself, his wife and his children and ignores the law.

At my political news website, emails and comments on articles ran 90 percent in support of Trump in the weeks leading up to his election and for a few weeks afterwards.

But support dropped.  Polls show Trump’s approval rating of the American people stands at 45 percent — a record low for a new President.

Emails and public comments at our national political news web site now run 85 percent against Trump, along with increasing support for his impeachment, removal from office under the 25th Amendment or resignation.

As noted earlier, a classic case of buyer’s remorse.


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4 Responses

  1. I’m not arguing with anything you say. But let’s not forget that he was voted in as a rebellion against the status quo. So can we really expect business as usual? The best we can hope for is that this presidency shocks the people into realizing what is really needed to run this country – and I don’t mean another professional politician,

    1. Which was the point of “be careful what you wish for…” Rebellion against the status quo is a double-edged sword and the one who feel the cuts the most right now are those who thought it was OK to vote for anyone except the other side. They are getting what they deserve. Sadly, so are the majority of voters who did not vote for him.

  2. Let’s be honest, in this election the overwhelming majority voted for anyone except the other side. They just differed on who they thought the other side was. And don’t forget, we are a republic, not a democracy. The overwhelming majority of states did vote for him and, yes, they are getting what they voted for. Virginia is in the minority by not voting for him.

  3. No buyers remorse here. While he may not be perfect he sure beats the hell out of the other choice.

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