Floyd Coronavirus cases up by another five infections

Infections and deaths continue from the virus that is not slowing.

Floyd County now has at least three deaths attributed to the COVID-19 Coronavirus and five new infections were added Thursday by the Virginia Department of Health as part of the 1,236 additional listings throughout the Commonwealth.

In addition, three residents of the county were hospitalized and a third death reported.

Montgomery County, home of Virginia Tech, added 67 new cases while Radford’s case count went up 13.

Virginia now has 130,525 infections, 10,085 hospitalized and 2,708 dead.

Nationwide, deaths from the virus is closing in on 200,000 with Thursday’s count at 195,285 and 6.5 million+ infections. The worldwide count now tops 900,000 with more than 28 million infected.

Colleges and universities report more than 40,000 cases among students, faculty and staff. In Virginia, James Madison University became the first college-level school to shut down classes on campus and send students home. Virginia Tech, where reports of new cases now number in the hundreds, is keeping its classes open while reassigning dorm rooms to make room for more quarantine space.

Tech continues plans to open its football season shortly with a game in Lane Stadium against the University of Virginia.

Floyd’s virus count has risen by more than 145 cases in six weeks, after taking five months before that to reach just 20 cases.

Current counts as of 11 a.m. EDT Thursday:

: 28,097,900
Deaths: 909,147
Recoveries: 20,159,633

United States:
Deaths: 195,285   

130,525 (+1,236)
10,085 (+77)
2,708 (+11)

Floyd County: 
Infections: 166 (+5)
Hospitalized: 10 (+3)
Deaths: 3 (+1)

Montgomery County:
Infections: 1,140 (+67)
Hospitalized: 17
Deaths: 4

Infections: 620 (+13)
Hospitalized: 3
Deaths: 0

Carroll County
Infections: 450 (+2)  
Hospitalized: 36 (+1)
Deaths: 19

Infections: 403
Hospitalized: 41  
Deaths: 28

Giles County:
Infections: 63 (+2)
Hospitalized: 2
Deaths: 0

Pulaski County
Infections: 158 (+2)    
Hospitalized: 11 (+1)
Deaths: 3  

Franklin County:
Infections: 259 (+5)
Hospitalized: 15 (+1)
Deaths: 1

Infections: 1,329 (+17)
Hospitalized: 54 (+1)
Deaths: 15

Roanoke County:
Infections: 677 (+10)
Hospitalized: 24
Deaths: 5

Infections: 240 (+6)
Hospitalized: 10  
Deaths: 4

Patrick County:
Infections: 246(+1)
Hospitalized: 48
Deaths: 13

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the World Health Organization, World meter, and the Virginia Department of Health.)


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