Back to school

After a brutal winter that left some Southwestern Virginia school systems closed for an entire month, administrators aren’t taking any chances.

Students return to school in Floyd County this morning, joining their counterparts in other counties who started even earlier.

The early start will give school systems plenty of “snow days” to bank is another snow-packed winter hits the region.

So be on the lookout for school buses, flashing lights of school zones and students around schools.

Floyd County High School’s varsity football team plays its first scrimmage at Cave Spring on Friday and opens its season at Christiansburg on Friday, August 27 and plays its first home game against Rural Retreat on Friday, August 3 — both games before Labor Day.

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5 Responses

  1. My understanding of the reason for the early start of school this year is so the semester will end and mid-term exams will be over by Christmas break.

    1. Well…that’s what has been said, but some of us really know, don’t we. And for Dr. Arbogast to report that he isn’t really worried about the heat..I guess not as he sits in his air conditioned office. Huh!

      1. I feel sorry for the students (and teachers), not only for having what seemed like a very short summer, but for having to suffer in non-air conditioned classrooms in this oppressive heat wave. I’m sure Dr. Arbogast would never think of dismissing school early because of excessive heat. As you say, he doesn’t have to worry about it in his air-conditioned office!

  2. How do they expect students to learn in this oppressive heat. My daughter came home this afternoon from the high school complaining of a bad headache. She said she got so hot in class that she thought she was going to throw up. How is this conducive to learning? Research has shown that work production and learning declines dramatically as temperature rises. If the students have to go back this early, how about only 1/2 days until the weather cools somewhat?
    And just a note Doug…. 4 of the young ladies in the above photograph would have been breaking the dress code of no belly shirts! Just a thought!

  3. Out of curiosity I checked the first day of class where some friends of mine live. Spotsylvania County goes back on the 24th; Albemarle County and Winchester go back on the 25th; Chesterfield County doesn’t go back until the day after Labor Day.

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