Our political news web site turns 16 today

Today is a birthday of sorts.

My political news web site — Capitol Hill Blue — is 16 years old.

Blue was my first venture into Internet publishing. It began life as a weekly, one-page newsletter of political commentary — launched on a cold, rainy October morning in Arlington, Virginia, because my Internet service provider at the time gave all customers 5 megabytes of free web space.

It’s grown since then into a 24/7 operation that is the oldest political news site on the web. When I launched it on October 1, 1994, no other site devoted strictly to political news existed. No Drudge report, no Huffington Post, no Politico.  Just us.

A number of other sites have come and gone over the years but Blue continues: Partly through stubbornness on my part and partly because I’m not sure if I own the site or it owns me.

Blue was never intended as a business. It’s a labor of love — Like Blue Ridge Muse. Staffed by volunteers, it remains one of the few non-partisan news sites on a web dominated by partisanship.

Others carry much of the load at Blue these days. I’m not as involved as I once was but it remains my baby and continues in spite of the odds.

I’m proud of it. Check it out if you have the time

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