Tell everyone back home I'm still alive and kicking

Mom, one of her caregivers and the Harley
Mom in 1946 after her ride from Meadows of Dan to Tampa

When the staff at the assisted living facility that my mother calls home now asked what she would like to be for their annual Halloween family dinner Thursday night, she replied: “A motorcycle mama.”

Mom met my dad on a motorcycle. Both rode. She climbed aboard a Harley Knucklehead in 1946 and rode — alone — from Meadows of Dan to Tampla, Florida to meet his parents.

So it was natural that I would share my parents’ passion for two-wheelers.

To fulfill my mom’s wish, I wheeled my Harley Super Glide into the assisted-living facility Thursday and she donned Amy’s motorcycle vest and my helmet to pose for photos alongside.

Before the night was over, more than a dozen residents and/or family members of residents asked for photos with the bike while my mother told stories of her days riding the highways on her Harley.

Before the evening ended, mom leaned over and asked: “Are you going to put this photo on your blog?”

I asked back: “Do you want me to?”

“Yes,” she said. “Please do. “Let everyone know I’m still alive and kicking.”

My pleasure mom. My pleasure.


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14 Responses

  1. This is priceless, and your mom is awe-inspiring! You should leave the bike there in case she wants to take a spin.

  2. So glad to get this VERY upbeat report. Your mother is an amazing woman, and I’m glad to hear she’s still rarin’ to go. Give her my love when you see her next time!

  3. Your mother is definitely a unique, free-spirited and feisty woman! One in a million — or much more,for that matter! I would be willing to bet that not many women rode a motorcycle for over 700 miles on one trip back in the 1940s. Amazing!

  4. Glad to hear your mother is doing well in assisted living Doug. : ) Her steadfastness to survive with “spirit” is remarkable and reminds me of one of my favorite quotes that I have on an engraved, brass bookmark in my dictionary that I’ve used since age eight.

    “Never, never, never quit”…Winston Churchill

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Great story Doug….and by the way….I want to hear your mom’s stories of her “riding days.”

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