More absurd laws

That's jail time mister

Seems like I opened a pandora’s box with yesterday’s post about dumb Commonwealth.

A few new contributed absurdities:

  • Tickling women is illegal in Virginia;
  • You cannot wash a mule on a sidewalk in Culpeper;
  • Spitting on sea gulls is illegal in Norfolk;
  • Skunks cannot be kept as pets in Prince William County (but why would one want to?);
  • It is also illegal to park a car on a railroad track in Prince William County (but again, why would one want to?);
  • And, in Norfolk, patting a woman on the butt can cost a man 60 days in jail.


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One Response

  1. Great humor too. It piqued my curiosity and I found this “College Times” link with a list amazing laws that still on the books, these mostly pertaining to sexual contact etc. I’m sure there are thousands of these statutes still in effect including “blue laws” etc. It also lets folks know how repressive a society can become if you let ‘do-gooders’ have undue influence on the legislative branch of governmet from the local to national level.

    Carl Nemo **==

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