When police officers fall in the line of duty, no one is safe

Two Buchanan County police officers died in the line of duty in March and two others were seriously wounded. Nationwide, 26 cops have died so far in 2011  — a 44 percent increase over the same period in 2010 and the rise in deaths should concern us all.

Reports CBS News:

The police killings began Jan. 1 with the fatal shooting of a deputy in Ohio. And the violence has continued, reports CBS News justice correspondent Bob Orr.

So far this year, 26 officers have been gunned down – 44 percent more than the 18 shot and killed at this point in 2010.

Many of the fallen have been ambushed by violent career criminals with easy access to high-powered weapons.

“The officers are responding to what are called routine calls or a crime call and are being shot and killed before they even get to the location,” said John Timoney, the former Miami police chief.

When cops fall in the line of duty, no one is safe.


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  1. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial has data for every year.
    While any officer being killed in the line of duty is too many, this uptick isn’t unusual if you look at the numbers. In 2001 for instance, there were 240 officers killed in the line of duty and in 2009 there were 116. Officer deaths are up some this year, but not abnormally. I think news outlets (especially television) are hyping this in an attempt to drive ratings. You will never see a story in a year when officer deaths are down 50%.

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