Once a newspaperman, always one

After graduation from Floyd County High School in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I left my rural area to pursue a career as a newspaperman. Four decades later, I returned to the county after 17 years with daily newspapers, 12 years as a political operative and a decade working as a freelance reporter and […]

Following the volleyballers

I’ve spent the past 14 years shooting high school sports for media and it is interesting how some sports have evolved. One is volleyball, which has become a more popular sport among the young ladies on the high school teams and the fans.

Age-related reflections

Attended visitation for an old friend, who died at age 70 in a nursing home of “an age-related illness,” his daughter in law said. Age-related: A term one lives with in later years. At 70, I hear my doctor — who is in his 80s — often tell me that I’m in “pretty good shape, […]

Time for a change?

This web site has taken many forms over the years.  It was a business site that defined my free- lance activities in Washington, DC, over a 23 year period.  It was a blog for a while and even a news site but I have a hyperlocal site (Blue Ridge Muse) and a national political site […]

Thoughts from the Blue Ridge

The time, the Walrus said, to speak of many things. I write more than I speak and most of what I have written about for more than five decades concerns politics, most often about the failure of the political system that drives and — I believe — is destroying our country. Sadly, I must share […]