Thoughts from the Blue Ridge

The time, the Walrus said, to speak of many things. I write more than I speak and most of what I have written about for more than five decades concerns politics, most often about the failure of the political system that drives and — I believe — is destroying our country. Sadly, I must share […]

Enemy of the State

I’m less than a year from reaching my seventh decade of living. At 69, I will turn 70 by the end of the year, if I’m still breathing and above ground. I do so as “an enemy of the state.” No, a local or state or federal grand jury has not handed down any indictments. […]

Canon fodder

  My first “pro” single-lens reflex camera was the storied Nikon F, the SLR of choice for many in the news and photography business in the 1960s. My first “F” was a used one, purchased form a co-worker.¬† He also sold me a 28mm wide-angle lens, a 200mm telephoto and a 50mm. To load film […]

Loving what I do and doing what I love

Sitting in my studio, taking a break from editing a documentary projects that, hopefully, will be completed something in 2017, and i realized that I have not updated my first-ever web site, this one, is a long time. Most early morning hours, before the sun rises, is dedicated to latest updates to a political news […]

Old year out, new year in

With calendar year 2016 coming to an end at midnight Saturday, the usual attempt to look back at the previous 12 months is a mixture of grief, gratitude, anger, happiness and relief. Amy and I felt the pain of ¬†loss of too many people in 2016, including some she or I have known over the […]