Underneath it all, Trump is ‘a goddamned atheist’

The president favored so overwhelmingly by white evangelicals and other professed Christian leaders is a man whose religious faith is questionable, who takes the Lord’s name in vain frequently, brags about adultery and lies constantly.

Trump, McConnell, Republicans: Traitors all

The political party of the crippled elephant sold out America, its people and its notion of a Democratic Republic. They are treasonous enemies of the people and should be treated as such.

Ron Paul’s con: Using hatred of America to get rich

Hypocrisy is the constant bedfellow of most — if not all — politicians and even afflicts Ron Paul, the so-called “savior of America” on the GOP primary ticket. Yes, the grandfatherly doctor so revered by his followers is a flagrant hypocrite who evades the truth and preaches one game while practicing another. If one is […]

A Republican presidential quagmire

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends We’re so glad you could attend Come inside! Come inside!* From any rational point of view, the Republican party is in a mess as it stumbles towards naming a candidate to face Barack Obama in 2012. In its manic scramble to find someone — anyone […]