The fog of morning

Morning fog in Floyd County after three days of rain.  Is better weather on the way?  That depends on who you talk to.

An exercise in therapy and recovery

As regular readers know, I’m still on the mend after a severe motorcycle crash last fall. With therapy expected to continue for at least for several more months, each day is a challenge. Part of the therapy is relearning the skills I had before the crash.  Shooting, producing and editing video was part of my […]

Morning light

Morning light along Harvestwood Road north of Floyd.

Yes, I am a lucky one

A question I’m asked most often nowadays is “do you consider yourself lucky?” Yes, I do. Lucky to be alive, lucky to still have my eyesight, lucky to be in possession of my faculties and lucky to be walking on two feet. Back in early November, the odds of any of that were slim.  When […]