Losing another close family friend

One of our three cats was lying on the carpet in our den this morning and stretched, squeaked and purred as I petted her. Puffer couldn’t meow because she was born with damaged vocal cords, along with her sister, Coco, who were feral kittens that Amy cared for in 2007 until we decided to add […]

There’s no business like snow business

A heavy, wet overnight snow put two inches or more on Floyd County and surrounding area, causing multiple power outages, downed limbs from the weight of snow and limps, and — to make matters worse, — a warning of a potential malware when you click on the Appalachian Power Company map that shows the outages. […]

A day of hope after four years of infamy

Disgraced and corrupt Donald Trump took what most of us hope was his last-ever trip on Air Force One Wednesday after he fled Washington to sulk in Florida. Let’s hope he never darkens our skies again.