A day of hope after four years of infamy

Disgraced and corrupt Donald Trump took what most of us hope was his last-ever trip on Air Force One Wednesday after he fled Washington to sulk in Florida. Let’s hope he never darkens our skies again.

Domestic terrorists in our midst?

Police officers in Rocky Mount, the sons of a police chief in Aberdeen, MD, retired SEALS and other veterans, may have been part of the mob that ransacked the Capitol, terrorized members of Congress and killed a policeman.

A few thoughts on a cold Sunday

Damn, it’s cold out this morning. Probably some black ice on some of Floyd County’s secondary roads. Think I will wait until the thermometer hits 40 or so today (the forecast calls for a high of 44) before venturing out to pick up wife Amy’s meds. If the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg is […]

Talking on your cell phone while driving can bring a ticket and fine

Has your cell phone rang in your car since the start of 2021? If so, did you pick it up and answer it? Congratulations you broke the law for doing so. On Jan. 1, drivers cannot hold a cell phone while driving. It is a primary fine, which means a police officer does not need […]