Ron Paul’s doomsday scenarios could doom America’s future

Ron Paul disavows newsletters and direct mail solicitations from the 1990s that spout doomsday scenarios but his speeches on the campaign stump with a week to go before the Iowa caucuses promote the same doom and gloom about the nation he wants to lead. Even worse, non-partisan experts as well as members of his own […]

Ron Paul’s con: Using hatred of America to get rich

Hypocrisy is the constant bedfellow of most — if not all — politicians and even afflicts Ron Paul, the so-called “savior of America” on the GOP primary ticket. Yes, the grandfatherly doctor so revered by his followers is a flagrant hypocrite who evades the truth and preaches one game while practicing another. If one is […]

Ron Paul surges in Iowa: Is it now his time?

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is on the move in Iowa, passing former GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney for second in polls and even moving into a statistical tie with current leader Newt Gingrich in one. “Paul is surging right now, there’s no doubt about that,” one GOP strategist tells Capitol Hill Blue. “He could be the […]

A Republican presidential quagmire

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends We’re so glad you could attend Come inside! Come inside!* From any rational point of view, the Republican party is in a mess as it stumbles towards naming a candidate to face Barack Obama in 2012. In its manic scramble to find someone — anyone […]

Sadly, class is not a prerequisite for the presidency

A commenter on one of Capitol Hill Blue’s recent stories noted that GOP presidential contender Ron Paul has more “class” than another challenger — the constantly whiny Michelle Bachmann. That’s true — and if class had any bearing in presidential elections, Paul would be a frontrunner instead of a second tier contender who has no […]