More Jamboree

020407jamboree3.jpg 020407jamboree2.jpg
More shots from the reopening of the Floyd
County Store and the Friday Nite Jamboree.
Jamboree favorites Clyde Williams (top) and
his band closed the evening. Other acts performing included the Snake Hollow String Band (above), Old Dominion Cloggers (left) and Mac and Jenny Traynham

Into the zone

As a photographer, I’ve always gone “into the zone” when working. Into the zone means oblivious to all else — danger, environment, aches, pains or physical limitations.

The zone served me well in war. I could scamper about, and into situations that no sane individual would possibly attempt. That’s how I got good photos. It’s also why some of my body parts don’t function as well as they should today and why some are missing or held together with pins, plastic and screws.