Here we go again

According to the talking heads this afternoon will bring (1) up to two inches of snow, (2) up to four inches of snow or (3) nothing at all. Now that’s what we call a definitive weather forecast. It all depends. There’s a western band that will bring snow up to four inches and an eastern […]

Check your electric bill

Electric bill higher than normal? Yes, there’s yet another rate increase from American Electric Power in the bill but the main reason for the suddenly high bill may stem from the utility estimating the bill because AEP employees couldn’t get to your house to read the meter. In typical fashion, AEP chose not to share […]


On September 11 last year I posted a video of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. I had edited the short film as part of a project recognizing the anniversary of the event. I mentioned at the time that I had also put together a video of my images from the attack on […]