Sarah Palin and the sad, inane fanatics who follow her

The rabid following of failed Alaska governor and one-time vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is a mystery to anyone with an IQ above that of an average plant, but a recent letter to the editor of the Roanoke Times by Jon R. Harris of Roanoke illustrates the the outright inanity of some who genuflect at […]

FloydFest 13 kicks off at noon Wednesday

The annual extravaganza called FloydFest kicks off at noon Wednesday for a five-day run just off the Blue Ridge Parkway — the 13th year for music and more in the mountains. FloydFest has given me many storytelling, photographic and video opportunities over the years but this will be my final year chronicling the event for […]

Time to toss Facebook into the trash?

Facebook has become an endless muddle of repetitious cliches, back door ads and senseless videos that add nothing to discussions. Like so much else on the Internet nowadays, it is awash with flaming, usually error-filled political rhetoric, unabashed hate and bigotry and useless material. For too many, it has become a replacement for face-to-face conversation […]