When memories fade…

In the 2012 motorcycle accident that I refer to as “the great cow encounter” between my Harley Davidson Super Glide and a black steer on U.S. 221 on a dark Friday night, the “TBI” (traumatic brain injury) that occurred when my helmeted head struck the pavement has left me with memory problems and other impaired functions.

Remembering the great cow encounter

Third anniversary today of the great cow encounter on U.S. 221 between Cave Spring and the bottom of Bent Mountain. Facebook reminded of the event with a photo of the odometer of my 2009 Harley-Davidson Super Glide.  It struck 100,000 miles the day before — November 8th, 2012. I celebrated with a post on Blue […]

Truck 1: Floyd Town Hall 0

A unattended truck owned by a Floyd County Volunteer Fireman careened off the parking lot of Station No. 1 above the Floyd Town Hall on Memorial Day weekend. According to 1st Lt. Barry Nichols of Station No. 1, the truck crashed into the front of the Town Hall, destroying the front window and knocking out […]