Oh my aching back

Walking like a hunchback. Messed my back up big time, starting on Thursday when I aggravated an old compressed vertebrae injury while installing a new microwave oven for my mother. Compounded the problem by trying to shovel snow on Friday and then slipping and falling several times in the deep snow. Now the pain keeps […]

If you think it's bad here…

…be glad you’re not in Washington where Mom Nature is dumping 30 inches of snow on a city that grinds to a halt when an inch covers the ground. The storm that dropped about a foot on us here in Southwestern Virginia blasted the National Capital Region with a major blizzard that has shut down […]

A national honor and playing with the master

Two of Mike Mitchell’s music students got the chance to play on stage with the legendary Wayne Henderson Wednesday as the Floyd County Store and Virginia’s Crooked Road took to the national stage for special recognition by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Hannah and Laurel Brooke joined Henderson on stage at the Country Store […]