Stealing on Floyd Time…

Just outside of the entrance of Skyline Bank last week, I watched a man dismount his bicycle and carefully lock it before doing his banking business. When he walked out, I noted: “I guess you’re new here in Floyd.” “Moved here a couple of months ago,” he said.  “How did you guess?” “You’re locking your […]

Twenty years…one day at a time

At some point today, I will travel to Roanoke or Christiansburg to seek out a meeting of fellow travelers who gather on a regular basis to fight a beast. During that gathering, I will speak up. “Hi,” I will say. “My name is Doug and I’m an alcoholic.  It has been 20 years to this […]

A hell of a meth

In what has become a weekly staple of crime news in The Floyd Press, police discovered another rolling meth lab in a traffic stop.  Sheriff Shannon Zeman says the production and use of crystal methamphetamine is an “epidemic” in Floyd County.   He’s not exaggerating. I see cases involving the production and misuse of this […]

Bankole Johnson is a corporate shill

The short biography of a University of Virginia egghead who wrote a diatribe against rehab in general and Alcoholics Anonymous in particular — in an op-ed that appeared in The Roanoke Times and other newspapers recently — tells us all we need to know about his background, his prejudices and his agenda: Bankole A. Johnson […]

Sixteen years

Later today, I will enter a meeting room at a church in Roanoke for a gathering of fellow travelers and utter the same nine words that I have said on this date for the past 15 years: “Hi, my name is Doug and I’m an alcoholic.” June 6 is D-Day for the rest of the […]