Age does not always bring adulthood

Four years ago, the oldest leader in America’s history became president but then set about to try and destroy the nation with childish acts. Now, we’re are turning to an even older leader.

Age-related reflections

Attended visitation for an old friend, who died at age 70 in a nursing home of “an age-related illness,” his daughter in law said. Age-related: A term one lives with in later years. At 70, I hear my doctor — who is in his 80s — often tell me that I’m in “pretty good shape, […]

It is better than the alternative

With luck, I will turn 70 later this year.  I can still use a motorcycle for much of my daily transportation and ride the tight turns on Squirrel Spur or our other challenging roads.  I can still cover courts and the board of supervisors for the paper and I will wander the vast areas of FloydFest later next month for photographic and video coverage.

Never too old…

At lunch this week with a longtime newspaper friend, he admitted wondering how much longer he might be able to work in the profession that has defined most of our lives for so many years. “I’m 59,” he said.  ‘I hope I can last a few more years before being forced into early retirement.” Early […]

Age: I don’t mind, so it don’t matter

  A friend asked last week:  “Are you ready for your second childhood?” “Don’t think so,” I said.  “I never grew up.  I’m still in my first childhood.” Perhaps an odd thing to claim when one is scheduled to turn 70 in eight months but I still feel like a kid. At 69, I ride […]