23 years…one day at a time

Today, as I have done on June 6 of the 22 previous years, I will face a group of people — some that I know, others I have not seen for a while and still others I’m meeting for the first time — and I will say, in a clear, unhesitating voice: “My name is Doug and I’m an alcoholic. I’ve been sober for 23 years as of today.”

Dealing with the beast of booze

As readers and friends should know, I live with a beast — a ravaging monster called booze. I’m a recovering alcoholic — sober for 21 years, six months and 23 days (as of Friday, January 29, 2015).  But the beast still lives in my life and tempts me — one day at a time.  It […]

I am who I am

Someone who doesn’t know me posted on Facebook Saturday that I must be jealous of someone else because I had some fun online with that person about his political observations.

Twenty years…one day at a time

At some point today, I will travel to Roanoke or Christiansburg to seek out a meeting of fellow travelers who gather on a regular basis to fight a beast. During that gathering, I will speak up. “Hi,” I will say. “My name is Doug and I’m an alcoholic.  It has been 20 years to this […]

Putting pride aside and saving what's left of my health

A therapist laid down the law: “You can get better,” she said. “You will get better,” she added. “But..” There’s always a but. “You will have to acquire two traits that you don’t currently have.” And those are? “Patience and a willingness to take things slowly and let nature to its job.” OK. I’m grown […]