23 years…one day at a time

Today, as I have done on June 6 of the 22 previous years, I will face a group of people — some that I know, others I have not seen for a while and still others I’m meeting for the first time — and I will say, in a clear, unhesitating voice: “My name is Doug and I’m an alcoholic. I’ve been sober for 23 years as of today.”

Dealing with the beast of booze

As readers and friends should know, I live with a beast — a ravaging monster called booze. I’m a recovering alcoholic — sober for 21 years, six months and 23 days (as of Friday, January 29, 2015).  But the beast still lives in my life and tempts me — one day at a time.  It […]

Putting pride aside and saving what's left of my health

A therapist laid down the law: “You can get better,” she said. “You will get better,” she added. “But..” There’s always a but. “You will have to acquire two traits that you don’t currently have.” And those are? “Patience and a willingness to take things slowly and let nature to its job.” OK. I’m grown […]

Bankole Johnson is a corporate shill

The short biography of a University of Virginia egghead who wrote a diatribe against rehab in general and Alcoholics Anonymous in particular — in an op-ed that appeared in The Roanoke Times and other newspapers recently — tells us all we need to know about his background, his prejudices and his agenda: Bankole A. Johnson […]

Rakes Mill Pond and solitude

Rakes Mill Pond on The Blue Ridge Parkway was one of  my favorite hangout spots in high school. Rocky Knob overlook was where kids in my era parked and made out but Rakes Mill Pond was where I went to think, reflect and ponder the future. One of my early high school crushes and I […]