The Civil War is over. The South lost. Let’s move on

Washington and Lee University said Tuesday they are removing Confederate Battle Flags from Lee Chapel while the school continues to study its historical involvement with slavery. A victory for some W&L students and others who want to put the Civil War behind us and move on? Maybe. W&L President Kenneth Ruscio also said in his […]

Honor thy vet

Today is one of two days set aside each year to honor those who put on the uniform and defend our country but remembering those who serve is something we should be doing the other 363 days as well. It doesn’t matter if you agree with the politics of a war or not. The young […]

Remember the real reason for Memorial Day

On a normal Memorial Day weekend, I would be headed to Washington to ride in the annual Rolling Thunder Ride to the Wall but family issues will keep me in the area this year. At some point over the three day weekend, I will climb aboard my Harley and ride over to Bedford to visit […]

Bob McDonnell: The Klan's governor

Gov. Bob McDonnell, playing to his mostly-white, Conservative base, restored Confederate History Month to Virginia’s Hall of Shame recently, reversing an eight-year trend of relegating the history of the ill-fated Confederacy to its well-deserved place in the dustbin of historical mistakes. For some, dedicating a month to remembering the Confederacy is akin to declaring a […]