Tired of the anger & hate

I’m tired. Tired of the hostility Tired of the bigotry. Tired of the hate. Tired of hearing people call others “idiots” and “scum” and worse. Tired of listening to tirades against changes that are inevitable in an evolving society. Tired of men who beat up their wives or girlfriends or both. Tired of seeing the […]

The American Nightmare

When time allows — and spare time is becoming more and more scarce in a world where an increasingly rapid pace is necessary — I like to visit areas of our region where I can have a cup of coffee and talk with folks. It might be a chance encounter at the Citgo station in […]

Too much hate, too much anger

Alan Graf, who started writing a column on current issues for The Floyd Press this year, found himself victim a target of those who don’t like those who express opinions that might differ from theirs. Graf is not a fly-by-night writer of letters to the editor or random poster of tirades on social media. ┬áHe’s […]