Christmas is over, nastiness returns

Fights and disturbances broke out in shopping malls around America on the day after Christmas Monday.

In Chicago, police report 61 people shot with 11 killed in various incidents in the city over the holiday weekend.

Here in Floyd County, a local minister took to Facebook to warn all of us that a “second coming” is just around the corner and we sinners had better get our affairs in order.

Misdirected anger

  Perhaps, as a reflection of society in general, an anger exists in Floyd County and surrounding Southwestern Virginia nowadays, an attitude of “I’m fed up and I’m not going to take it anymore.” We see anger is violence against each other.  We see torment, both mental and physical, of others with different ancestries, different […]

When anger rules, everyone loses

After getting drenched by protests, threats and obscenities from those who said they were members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, those who run Washington & Lee University in Lexington told the group to stay the hell away from the school. “The persistent name-calling, villification and uncivil attacks in messages to the university, letters to […]

Too much anger

Lots of anger out there. Too much. Can’t talk politics with some without it turning into a shouting match. Can’t joke about someone’s background without them getting mad. Not much humor left. Used to be angry. Lost temper with little or no provocation. No more. Getting mad solves nothing. Anger escalates emotions and displaces reason. […]

Just two more weeks

In two weeks the circus that always surrounds elections will be over. The endless attack ads on television will disappear, the sea of campaign signs that litter the landscape will fade from memory and the harsh, angry rhetoric of campaigns will be replaced by harsh, angry rhetoric of a government that stopped functioning long ago. […]