Out with the old…Thank God

For the most part, Amy and I will not be sad to see 2010 depart us. This has been one hell of a year: my mother’s declining health, broken hip and eventual move to an assisted living facility; the discovery that I have been walking around for 35 years with a degenerating spinal cord that […]

A valuable, but bittersweet, Christmas

Amy, my brother and I spent an important Christmas with my mother at her assisted-living facility today — a bittersweet celebration tinged with the reality of her increasingly declining health. It is both heartwarming and enjoyable to see her eyes light up when she opens a gift for herself but also heartbreaking when you realize […]

A beautiful morning

Slept soundly last night, my first prolonged night of uninterrupted sleep in weeks. Some pain from the back and legs but nothing intolerable.   Woke up, took Valium — my current muscle relaxer — and laid back down while the drug eased the tightness in my muscles.  I’m currently weaning myself off he drugs that have […]

A memorial to medical malpractice

My mother received her new set of dentures Tuesday — Not a major news event for an 87-year-old woman but the arrival of her new choppers comes almost four months to the day after Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital lost her previous dentures as the final blow to a week of monumental medical malpractice. She fell […]

Up against the wall

Spent much of the weekend flat on my back after hitting the wall with a fever, sore throat and weakness. The docs call it exhaustion. Given the events of the past two months, I’m not surprised.  Ever since my mother fell at her home in early May, I’ve been running at full throttle, shuttling from […]