Getting the cheers

Cheerleaders are a staple of sports, from high schools into colleges and with professional basketball and football teams. I find high school sports cheerleaders the best to photograph because of their energy and athleticism.  They add to the game without distraction or hype.

Summer winding down

Living and working in the Washington, DC, area for 23 years puts one in a relax and reboot mode in Augusts. August is when Congress shuts down for a month, many federal workers go on vacation and traffic in the city and area is actually manageable. Since leaving the National Capital Region in 2004, it […]

Athletics already into the new season at FCHS

School started officially in Floyd County Tuesday but the high school’s golf team is already several games into the season and played at Great Oaks Country Club the afternoon of opening day for classes. For the golfers, the season opened last week at Draper, followed by a home game the next day, and then at […]