The color of fall

Enjoy it while you can. Temperatures Wednesday and Thursday are forecast in the 70s with sun, but it cools down with rain on Friday.

Sky & stars on an autumn night

We’ve had a few clear nights in this autumn as we approach Thanksgiving next week followed by the the glut of the Christmas season. It’s hard to see the night sky clearly with all the distractions of lights from the ground. We, thankfully, have more than a few places in Floyd County where no lights […]

The color of a cool autumn

The thermometer on our back porch sat at 29 degrees at 5:00 a.m. today, the second straight morning of temperatures just below freezing.  If the talking heads at the National Weather Service are correct, we will not be as cold overnight on Monday. A preview of the upcoming winter?  Could be.  As with all weather […]

More fall colors

[slide] Shots taken around Southwestern Virginia over the last couple of weeks.